Tips To The Perfect Art Collection

Monday, September 30, 2013

Here's this weeks post for Roomations!

Flipping through pages of magazines and drooling over your dream home? Believe it or not, it’s often the details and styling choices that can complete a design. So those bare walls can take a hike because after following these simple tips, the space of your choice will be transformed into an in-home art gallery!  
Pick A Theme 
The truth is beautiful art is everywhere and it’s easy to fall in love with all different kinds. But the best advice, and the advice I give myself everyday, is to remain cohesive. One of best ways to begin your art wall is to choose a theme. Architecture, nautical, abstract, and nature are a couple ideas to get the ball roiling. Now, once you pick a subject matter, don’t stray. For example, if you choose to work with a nautical theme keep your eye out for artwork with anchors, boats, oceans, and other sea life.
Match Your Frames
If you’re working with existing art in your home or want to work in some of your favorite pieces, tie the look together by matching your frames. Trust me: this consistency will keep your collection looking organized and clutter-free. Don’t worry so much about changing up matte sizes and colors, but stick to using all gold, all silver, or all black frames. Do feel free to use different styled and textured frames, this might even add some needed detail.
Choose a Color Combo
Palettes can be tricky so let’s make this real easy and stick to working with just a few colors. Keep in mind you have already selected a theme and monochromatic frames. Now it’s time to narrow it down and choose artwork with, for example, black and white, warm tones such as orange and red, or neutral tones involving browns and greens.
Go Eclectic
Another route is going “au-eclectic.” Have some fun and don’t sweat the small stuff! Hit the flea markets and pick up some antique frames and vintage artwork. Mix up the sizes, shapes, and colors. Sometimes throwing these things together is the best way to do it. You’d be surprised when the odd shaped pieces strangely have a way of fitting together at the end of the day.
Now, what are you waiting for? Get started on your own interior design spread!

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