Style Board: Natural Meets Industrial

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Snow may be coming early this year, but my favorite season of the year won’t be forgotten.  Embrace the fall season and make a change; spruce up your workspace with some cozy new goods for your office. Combining strong, statement pieces with softer items may sound like a clash, but trust me, Natural and industrial materials do in fact compliment each other. Take a look at this style board to help you get started!
Shopping List

Halloween Chic Style Board

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Here's my blog post written for Roomations for Halloween--hope you guys like!! 

Decorating during the holidays isn’t for everyone. Luckily there is another way of celebrating! If you’re like me, and not into the faux cobwebs and jack o’ lanterns, then try this route. Shop for home décor that you can use inside the home even after the holidays over. It’s an excuse to shop, though we know that’s never an issue, and gives you lasting accessories.  For example, take a look at the chic collection I’ve picked out. All of these items have a haunted element to them, making them suitable Halloween décor. So, what’s my next advice? Dig up your secret candy stash and treat yourself to some Halloween shopping!

2. Capri Blue candles available at Anthropologie 
3. Skull Bookends-Set of 2 available at Z Gallerie
4. Herd Pillow available at Anthropologie 
5. Louis Ghost Chair available at Design Within Reach
6. Palais 3 Drawer Chest available at Z Gallerie
7. Artemis Bow Mirror available at Anthropologie 

Tips To The Perfect Art Collection

Monday, September 30, 2013

Here's this weeks post for Roomations!

Flipping through pages of magazines and drooling over your dream home? Believe it or not, it’s often the details and styling choices that can complete a design. So those bare walls can take a hike because after following these simple tips, the space of your choice will be transformed into an in-home art gallery!  
Pick A Theme 
The truth is beautiful art is everywhere and it’s easy to fall in love with all different kinds. But the best advice, and the advice I give myself everyday, is to remain cohesive. One of best ways to begin your art wall is to choose a theme. Architecture, nautical, abstract, and nature are a couple ideas to get the ball roiling. Now, once you pick a subject matter, don’t stray. For example, if you choose to work with a nautical theme keep your eye out for artwork with anchors, boats, oceans, and other sea life.
Match Your Frames
If you’re working with existing art in your home or want to work in some of your favorite pieces, tie the look together by matching your frames. Trust me: this consistency will keep your collection looking organized and clutter-free. Don’t worry so much about changing up matte sizes and colors, but stick to using all gold, all silver, or all black frames. Do feel free to use different styled and textured frames, this might even add some needed detail.
Choose a Color Combo
Palettes can be tricky so let’s make this real easy and stick to working with just a few colors. Keep in mind you have already selected a theme and monochromatic frames. Now it’s time to narrow it down and choose artwork with, for example, black and white, warm tones such as orange and red, or neutral tones involving browns and greens.
Go Eclectic
Another route is going “au-eclectic.” Have some fun and don’t sweat the small stuff! Hit the flea markets and pick up some antique frames and vintage artwork. Mix up the sizes, shapes, and colors. Sometimes throwing these things together is the best way to do it. You’d be surprised when the odd shaped pieces strangely have a way of fitting together at the end of the day.
Now, what are you waiting for? Get started on your own interior design spread!

How to Mix Patterns

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Another blog featured on Roomations' blog! Check it out! 

We see it in fashion, graphic design, and interiors. The art of mixing patterns has reached its peak and has become a huge trend in 2013. If you aren’t familiar with combining patterns then this blog post will prep you for your dive into an optical adventure.  

Vary the scale
When mixing patterns, alternate between small, medium and large shaped prints. If the eye isn’t able to wander naturally through a space, the design can be misinterpreted as cluttered. Be sure to throw in solid colors or white accents to break up the patterns. This will help give the illusion of space.

Working with Color
If you’re feeling overwhelmed, concentrate on a simple palette. But remember: don’t combine competing colors! Find a pattern you’re really drawn to and pull one of its featured colors. Begin bringing in other patterns, try wallpaper for example, but stick to the same color family. Or, if you feel ready, balance your look with a complementary color. 

Don’t Forget Contrast
Each pattern used should be different from the next. Don’t be afraid to mix geometric prints with organic ones. Go ahead and intersperse horizontal line work with vertical polka dots. Keep an eye out for stripes, floral, chevron, damask, embroidery, animal prints and tribal patterns. And textures count too! As long as color has been researched, velvet, canvas, grasscloth, and even leather can work well together. 

Ways of Bringing in Pattern
The easiest way of mixing prints in your home is through pillows. Stick with a solid couch, a simple area rug, and layer on those pillows.  Have some fun and stray from the basic 18” square. Bring in a couple rectangular pillows and even some circular cushions. West Elm is a great place to shop or collect inspiration. Their pillows are often organized by color, which includes those with pattern. You can get a sense of what looks good together and find combinations that work well.

So, go big or go home—I dare you to be bold and beautiful!

Roomations:The Art of Accessorizing the Kitchen

Thursday, September 5, 2013

This week I have a featured blog post on Roomations' blog: Crib Sheets. Roomations is a website that connects homeowners with freelance interior designers, seeking to make personalized interior design convenient and accessible to anyone improving their home one room at a time. 

Oh the kitchen. This room has got to be one of the hardest rooms to style. Many people either over-accessorize or steer away from adding any creative touches. But as the heart of the home, this space needs to be special. 

Keep it Simple

One point to keep in mind is that less is more. No one likes clutter, especially not in the kitchen where traffic can get heavy and someone’s always cooking. So don’t over think it; you can use things you already have. Make space on an open shelf and stack some dishes. Or how about unwrapping that set of glasses you were saving for a special occasion? Place them on a lacquered tray and done! Not only is this an example of aesthetically functional décor, but now you might actually use those glasses! 

Color Outside the Lines

Don’t shy away from color. Most kitchens involve a monochromatic design or a neutral color scheme. Think of this as an opportunity to splash some colorful accessories into the mix and update your palette.  Encourage yourself to cook more by purchasing some cookbooks with bright bindings. Try leaning some books on a shelf in the kitchen or, if you have glass cabinets, you can make a neat visible stack in there. And hey—go au naturel and fill a decorative bowl with fresh, colorful fruits. Finish it off by adding Anthropologie’s citrine Capri candle in Mandarin Mango —your kitchen will not only look great, but smell delicious too!

Always Have Flowers

I can’t reiterate enough the importance of having aesthetic functionalism in design. Another example is plants, which are known for providing clean air and improving air quality. So remember those fresh flowers you picked up at the farmers market the other day? Fill a vase and place them by that favorite window above the kitchen sink. Flowers are a classic styling choice and never go out of style. Not only will they add a shade of elegance to the room, but will soften the space and break up the harshness of stainless steel.

For more tips check out my kitchen board and styling board on Pinterest! 


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

After a day that feels like it's still not over, everyone has their own way of relaxing and slowing down. For me it's any type of inspiration; stacks of textiles, graphic patterns, pastels, and details of all kind.

God do I love dreamy French architecture. I'd live in every shade!

Always have flowers ;)

Chunky statement necklace: LOVE!

Missing Paris just looking at these cafe chairs

Such a powerful hue

Patterns over patterns; I try to layer textures as much as I can

Graphic typography with a pattern

Anything raw and geometric grabs my attention

So...what inspires you?

Featured on The Vintage Bazaar

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Check out my guest post on The Vintage Bazaar. I wrote this post for Libby Alexander, founder of Vintage Bazaar, in February 2013 for their Love Hangover Dank Haus Market. At this Lincoln Square event, I was given the opportunity to interview selected vendors and hear their stories.
My first TVB was amazing, I am so excited for the next! Check out the permalink!

Trophies, glassware, and clothing! Oh my! You could say there’s no place like The Vintage Bazaar. With one of the coziest gatherings yet, collectors beat the cold and met under one roof to admire and shop an intimate selection of of vintage vendors selling furniture, décor, clothing, and accessories. The kickoff party even had free Big Star tacos and Scofflaw cocktails while you shopped — where else would you want to spend your Friday night?!
Featuring 25 vendors the hunt was on for the ultimate treasure. I was pleasantly surprised to come across such reasonably priced items and it just made me want to keep buying! Some of the quirkiest goods included Hot House Market’s retro hair salon dryer seat and Morning Glory Collectible’s floral decorated lava lamp, which does in fact work!

Linda Renehan’s Morning Glory Collectibles caught my eye right off the bat. Linda has been selling for over 20 years and described her booth as “Mid-century Kitsch,” focusing on items from the ’40s all the way into the ’70s. As the daughter of a garbage truck driver, Linda learned at a young age the importance of recycling, because a large portion of her toys and furniture were garbage picked. You can expect to find funky, unusual items such as vintage poodles, quirky cats, and mid-century glassware in Linda’s booth. She’s “always kitschy, always retro, and always fun!”
Another mid-century modern vendor was Century Chicago. The husband and wife duo, Robert Smith and Robin Broman, were at DANK Haus this weekend celebrating their 15th show! The two met at a vintage clothing store (how adorable!) and about 15 months ago started selling mid-century modern furniture and housewares together, in fact their first show was actually at last year’s TVB at DANK Haus. The two have been collecting for a long time, and have had a “crazy-successful” first year of selling. Robert filled me in on some great finds he was excited to showcase like the Verner Panton cone chair he had reupholstered to look almost identical to the piece’s original red fabric.
He also shared one of his favorite pieces with me, a 1933 desk with a built in bookshelf attached, mixed with a 1960s Danish chair, upholstered in an elegant dark leather. A peek of this can be seen in one of the sneak peek posts. I was also lucky enough to snatch up a set of four mid-century glasses that have made a beautiful addition to my kitchen and they were only $10! What a steal! For more on Century Chicago, check out their blog or visit their booth at the Broadway Antique Market.
I also spoke to Maranda Powers from Persnickety Vintage, a shop she started in 2009. She even shared a little secret with me: She started selling because she, like the rest of us, couldn’t stop shopping! She found herself drawn to all sorts of styles and eras and knew there was a home for each and every find. Maranda focuses on women’s vintage clothing and jewelry, pulled from several different time periods.

Although her Etsy shop is mainly clothing, she mentioned that it’s her vintage jewelry that customers swoon over at markets. She recently collaborated with her husband, Jon Chambers, and together they started a vintage men’s clothing shop, The Vintage Alchemist, which focuses on men’s jackets and ties.
Overall, TVB’s first show of 2013 was a space to get happily lost in. DANK Haus was lit beautifully, emphasizing the captivating displays in each booth. What a wonderful experience it was to hear the crinkling of stuffed shopping bags and watch my fellow flea marketers laugh with vendors then haul super unique finds to their cars at the end of the night.

Did you attend the event? What finds did you go home with?

Georgia O' Keeffe

“I found I could say things with COLOUR and SHAPES that I couldn’t say ANY other way. -things I had no WORDS for” -- Georgia O' Keeffe